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Our strategic plan

At the Ottawa Catholic School Board, all of our students are inspired and guided to realize their spiritual, social and academic potential, and to take their place in the world as thoughtful, well-rounded citizens. Our mission is to provide all of our students with quality education for the mind, body and spirit through an emphasis on academic excellence, social responsibility and Catholic values.


Our Board Priorities

Success for Students
Success for Staff
Stewardship of Resources

We are committed to specific Board priorities which have resulted in improvements in student achievement and well-being, effective stewardship of the Board’s resources, and the delivery of effective and appropriate educational programs. At the core of these priorities is the call to live the Gospel Values which is further enhanced by our annual Board spiritual theme: Sent to be the Good News. While we focus on these priorities, we embrace innovative learning techniques to support students acquire the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. The priorities also help us build caring communities supporting the dignity of all persons.


Our Multi-Year Strategic Plan (MYSP)

Our strategic plan provides a vision for the Board by establishing strategic direction, with an emphasis on student achievement. Operational plans, such as the Board Innovation Plan for Student Achievement and Wellness (BIPSAW) flow out of the MYSP. This plan is updated and reviewed by the Board of Trustees each year. These documents outline our priorities and goals for performance measures, evidence gathering methods and targets for improvement.



Differentiation at the OCSB

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Founded on four pillars

Our balanced approach to preparing students for leadership, fulfillment and lifelong learning in a rapidly changing world is founded on four pillars.


The development of the whole child

We support the whole person’s spiritual, mental, physical and emotional well-being in a safe, diverse and respectful community.

Academic excellence and achievement

We deliver academic excellence in vibrant English and French programs.

The reflection of Catholic values and principles

We respect the universal values of all faiths and proclaim Catholic principles of faith and service to others in all our teaching.

Innovative approaches to teaching and learning

We use innovative methods and technologies to support all learning styles and to help our students develop a love of learning in order to thrive in a changing world.