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Transportation Information

School bus transportation is provided to students depending on their grade level and the distance from their home or caregiver to the school within that boundary.


The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) is responsible for the management and administration of all home to school transportation on behalf of the Ottawa Catholic School Board and the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.

Parents can access bus stop information for their children using OSTA's online Stop Finder. The online tool gives bus stop and route information for eligible students who are assigned to regular yellow bus service. High school students with access to public transit (OC Transpo) will be provided with passes or tickets for the months of September to June. 

OSTA's Transportation Monitor


OSTA's Transportation Monitor widget is displayed on OSTA's homepage, our Board's homepage, and the home pages of all our school websites.

The Transportation Monitor is operated by OSTA and is updated daily by 6:15 am. The colour of the traffic light represents the status of services. The light will be red when transportation services are cancelled. A yellow light indicates that numerous delays are expected due to poor road conditions or other factors. If the light is green, transportation is operating normally or with minimal delays.

  Read more about OSTA's Transportation Monitor >>  

Contact OSTA

Phone: 613-224-8800
Fax: 613-224-8840
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1645 Woodroffe Avenue, Suite 101
Nepean, Ontario K2G 1W2


Visit OSTA's website to see if your address is eligible for transportation services, to view yellow school bus and OC Transpo bus route schedules, and more!

School Bus Safety Tips

In the Ottawa Catholic School Board's curriculum on school bus safety, a strong emphasis is placed on the dangers around the school bus. At every opportunity, students must be reminded to stay clear of the danger zone. The safe transportation of our children to and from school concerns all of us.

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Transportation - Policies and Procedures

The information below is strictly for reference purposes. Please note that additional information and/or clarification on any of the sections listed here must be obtained by contacting the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) directly. 

Eligibility for School Bus Transportation

Transportation is provided for students who reside (or caregiver resides) within the following distances from their school. If the residential or caregiver address is less than the designated distances detailed below, then the student falls within the walk-zone to their school, and transportation will not be provided. Transportation is not provided for students attending schools outside of their regular attendance boundary.

  • Junior & Senior Kindergarten - 0.8 km or more from their home school
  • Grades 1 through 8 - 1.6 km or more from their home school
  • Grades 9 through 12 - 3.2 km or more from their home school

NOTE: Eligibility for transportation service for students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8 will be based on either their home address or caregiver / daycare address. Eligibility for students in Grades 9 to 12 is based on home address information ONLY -- a caregiver address will not be used to determine eligibility at these higher grade levels. Other areas - such as parent work locations - will not be considered for transportation service.

Would you like to know where your child will be picked up and dropped off by the school bus and the company responsible for his or her bussing? OSTA's online Stop Locator/Finder function will provide the answers. Simply fill in the required information and click the Find Stop Information button. Visit OSTA's website to access the Stop Finer >>

Empty Seat (Seat Availability) Provision

Where school bus routes have been established and there are empty seats on a bus, students may be provided transportation even though their distance from the school is within walking distance. School principals authorize and assign empty seat requests for their students, after receiving a completed Empty Seat Application form. 

  Visit the OSTA website for complete information and forms for OSTA's Empty Seat (Seat Availability) Provision  

English as a Second Language (ESL) - Transportation Entitlement

Students who have been identified as requiring English Second Language assistance and do not meet regular entitlement requirements may apply for transportation service. Grade 7 and 8 students approved for such service will normally receive taxi or small vehicle transportation, and students in Grades 9 through 12 would receive approval for public transit (OC Transpo) transportation services. Should the student reside in an area not serviced by the public transit authority, small vehicle transportation may be provided. All requests for ESL transportation require the proper documentation, including any subsequent changes in transportation arrangements. A "Request for Special Transportation" form must be completed by a school official. All changes to ESL transportation require three full days notice.

NOTE: Walkzones still apply to ESL students. Grade 7-8 students who reside within 1.6 km, and Grade 9-12 students who reside within 3.2 km of their ESL site are within walking distance, and transportation will not be provided.

French as a Second Language (FSL) - Transportation Entitlement

The Ottawa Catholic School Board has approved and implemented a French as a Second Language Program in September 2005. A student's eligibility to be transported to a given FSL school site is based on a combination of the student's grade, their home address and the program in which they are registered. If the student's home or caregiver address is within one of the 35 FSL school sites, then regular school bus transportation is provided. Any student who registers in an FSL program for a centre outside of their regular home school catchment will be identified as cross-boundary FSL students. Transportation will be provided to these students.

NOTE: Walkzones still apply to FSL students. Students whose home or caregiver address is within 1.6 km or less to their FSL school site are within walking distance, and transportation will not be provided.

Special Transportation

Students with physical or mental disabilities may be eligible for transportation as approved by the Board's Student Services Department. Proper documentation is necessary to initiate special transportation, including any subsequent address or time changes. A "Request for Special Transportation" form must be completed by a school official and forwarded to Student Services for consideration and approval. Once approved, the form is received by the Transportation Department where transportation will be arranged, and the designated taxi / van operator will contact parents directly with the arrangements and effective date. All changes to special transportation require three full days notice.