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Grade 7-12 Programs

Intermediate and high school students are at the age where they are discovering who they are and what they like. They are also beginning to understand how they learn best. Programming is in place to help them in their journey of discovery. Follow the links to learn more about the different types of programming available to our students.

Finding Your Pathway (formerly WRK4U2)        (Gr. 8)
Choosing a career path is a difficult decision for most students. To help them get started we offer Finding Your Pathway - a high school programs / career forum for all our Grade 8 students.
High School Course Selection Guide (Gr. 9-12)
This yearly guide lists the courses offered in Grades 7-12 and provides a pathway planning guide to help students plan for their post-secondary goals.
Take Our Kids to Work Day (Gr. 9)
An initiative of The Learning Partnership, our Board supports this annual event to help students gain insight into the world of work and their own career plans
Focus Programs (Gr. 9-12)
Focus Programs are packages of courses that concentrate on a particular field of interest or training to provide students with both academic and work experience that will give them a foundation in a career or area of study.
Specialist High Skills Major Programs (Gr. 11-12)
Students take courses the focus on a specific economic sector, allowing them to gain skills and knowledge linked to their post-secondary goals.
Co-operative Education and Experiential Learning (Gr. 11-12; Gr. 7-12)
Students get the opportunity to learn by doing, combining in-school studies with related work experiences or real-world tasks.
Advanced Placement Program (Gr. 11-12)
This program provides opportunities for motivated and prepared students to experience college-level courses while in high school, thereby fostering critical thinking and college persistence and success.
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) (Gr. 11-12)
This specialized program enables students to explore careers in the skilled trades while earning valuable workplace experience in an occupation that requires apprenticeship, before they graduate from high school.
Dual Credit Program (Gr. 11-12)
The program is intended for students who desire learning opportunities outside of high school and who would benefit from a college or apprenticeship experience.