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Registration forms and documents

Save some time by printing out all of the forms you need to register your child for school. Be sure to also gather all of the necessary supporting documents listed below. Then, visit your new school to register!

Complete and print the registration forms

We've made registration packages for you to print yourself before you visit us to register. The following registration packages can be completed electronically, but cannot be saved to your computer. So make sure that you are able to print the package as soon as you have finished filling in the forms. If you have trouble viewing these forms or are unable to print them, we can provide you with copies when you visit our Summer Registration Centre.

Kindergarten registration package

Grades 1 to 12 registration package

Collect other documents you need to bring in

You will also need to bring in the following identity documents to register your child for school. We've provided examples of the most common documents we accept, although we may accept others, if necessary.

  • Proof of age – Birth certificates, passports, and immigration documents are all acceptable. To be eligible for Junior Kindergarten, your child must be 4 years old by December 31st of the year they start school.
  • Proof of  address – Government documentation, lease or mortgage agreements, utility bills, and bank or credit card statement are all acceptable. A driver's licence is not acceptable as proof of address.
  • Baptismal Certificate – Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate for either the student, a parent, step-parent, common law spouse, or non-custodial parent are acceptable for proof of Catholicity. This document would not be required if the student is accepted under our space availability provision.
  • School records – Report cards, transcripts (Grades 9-12), or Individual Education Plans from your child's previous school, if available.
  • Please note that immunization records are not required to register your child in school. However, under the Immunization of School Pupils Act, students attending school in Ontario are required to be vaccinated against nine diseases or have a valid exemption. Click here for more information.

Your registration checklist

Do you have the OCSB forms?

  • Student registration form
  • Consent for the use and routine disclosure of student information
  • Acceptably use of technology agreement (Grades 1-6)
  • School registration parent survey
  • Building Bridges form (JK, if applicable)
  • MPAC's direction of school support application (if applicable)
  • Separate school assessment lease form (if applicable)

Do you have your identity documents?

  • Proof of age
  • Proof of address (A driver's licence is not acceptable as proof of address.)
  • Baptismal certificate (only if required)
  • School records (if applicable)

Other items for your checklist

  • Visit OSTA's website to see if you are eligible for transportation
  • Register early for child care if you need before and after school care at ocsb.ca/childcare
  • Our schools do not have mandatory school supplies, but we recommend indoor shoes, a backpack, and a lunchbox