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Register now to start Kindergarten in September

Did you miss Kindergarten Registration Week, January 15-19, 2018? Don’t worry. You can register at anytime to begin Kindergarten next September.

How to register your child

Whether your child is just entering kindergarten for the first time or transferring from another school, we’re happy to help you register your child for school with the Ottawa Catholic School Board. Use our online school locator to find your child’s “home” school based on your residential address. Then, use the tools on this page to plan for your child’s educational journey with the OCSB.

We designated January 15-19, 2018 as our special Kindergarten Registration Week, but you can register at any time in one of ours schools. If your child will be 4 years old before December 31, 2018, then they are ready to start kindergarten in September 2018. Call or stop by your child’s new school to pick up a registration package and give your child the best possible start.


Kindergarten: Self Regulation and Supported Learning

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Living in Kanata North? We have a new school for that!

Our latest, brand new, elementary school will open in September 2018 in the Marchwood Lakeside Community of Kanata North, at 785 Goulbourn Forced Road, on the south side of Terry Fox Drive. The new school will welcome students from the existing St. Gabriel School and any new students wishing to attend from the surrounding area. It will open as a Kindergarten to Grade 6 school and will include the same French pathways available in all OCSB schools, along with before-and-after-school care, and a pre-school childcare centre for children 18 months to 12 years old. If you think you might be living in this new school boundary, check out the boundary map at


Newcomers to Ottawa or Canada

If you’re new to Ottawa or Canada, and English is not your first language, we can help you register your child for school! Our Family Welcome Centre staff will work with you to make sure your child gets a great education. We proudly embrace diversity and welcome students from all countries. Learn more about how we make a special effort to help newcomer students adjust to life in a new country.


Catholic students and space availability

Children who are baptized Catholic, or have a parent who is Catholic, are automatically eligible for registration in their community OCSB school. Non-Catholic children will be welcomed on a space availability basis. At this time, there is space available in all of our schools for non-Catholic children.


Immunization records

Don’t forget the important step of updating your child’s immunization records with Ottawa Public Health. While immunization records are not required to register your child in school, students are required to be vaccinated against nine diseases or have a valid exemption. Every year, Ottawa Public Health (OPH) reviews the immunization records of all 150,000 students attending schools in Ottawa to make sure the information is up-to-date. Updates on immunizations are crucial to protect the health of students during an infectious disease outbreak. Parents are required to report all immunizations done at the doctor’s office to Ottawa Public Health. Learn more about how to report your child’s vaccines before you register your child in an OCSB school. 

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Admissions Department
Phone: 613-224-4455 Ext 2308
Fax: 613-224-5063

Registration tools


French pathways

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Child care

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Early Years Experience

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Registration forms and supporting documents

We’ve made PDF registration packages for you to print yourself before you visit us to register. The following registration packages can be completed electronically, but cannot be saved to your computer, so make sure that you are able to print the package as soon as you have finished filling in the forms. You will also need to bring in specific identity documents to register your child for school. We’ve provided examples of the most common documents we accept, although we may accept others, if necessary. Download your registration package, collect your documents, and visit us today!


Do you need information in an alternate format?

Call us at 613-224-4455 Ext 2308 if you are having trouble viewing information on our website or require our registration forms in another format. We will be happy to speak with you and help you get the information you need. Email us at if you need information presented to you in an alternate format. Tell us your name, what information you are looking for, and how to get it to you.

Proof of age

Birth certificates, passports, and immigration documents are all acceptable. Health cards are not accepted. To be eligible for Junior Kindergarten, your child must be 4 years old by December 31st of the year they start school.

Proof of address

Government documentation, lease or mortgage agreements, utility bills, and bank or credit card statement are all acceptable. A driver’s licence is not acceptable as proof of address.


Baptismal certificate

Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate for either the student, a parent, step-parent, common law spouse, or non-custodial parent are acceptable for proof of Catholicity. This document would not be required if the student is accepted under our space availability provision.


School records

Report cards, transcripts (Grades 9-12), or Individual Education Plans (IEPs) from your child’s previous school, if available.

Validating custodianship

If you are serving as the custodian of a child and would like to register them in one of our schools, you will need to submit a legal affidavit. The document must be dated and signed by the child’s parent or legal guardian, and the custodian. If the child’s parent lives outside of Ontario please contact the Admissions Department to make an appointment. Contact information can be found at the top of this webpage.

The following wording is required in the legal affidavit, prepared by the parent(s)/legal guardian(s):

  • the custodian is responsible for physical care and control of said student
  • the student will be residing in the custodian’s residence
  • the student will be under the custodian’s authority
  • the custodian will be responsible for daily discipline

A legal affidavit regarding custodianship is required for all students who do not reside with their parents while attending school in the Ottawa Catholic School Board. Alternatively, you may instead submit a notarized copy of our OCSB Custodianship Declaration form.

International students and temporary residents

We proudly embrace diversity and welcome students from all countries. International students are given the opportunity to learn about other cultures and make new friends while receiving quality education. We welcome international students at all grade levels in our schools, from Kindergarten to Grade 12. We make a special effort to help international students adjust to life in a new country.

Direction of school support

By registering your child in an OCSB school, you have chosen to support Catholic education through direction of your school support. You help foster a strong political voice through your elected representative (trustee) in ensuring your rights to a Catholic education for the young people in our province.