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Kindergarten at the OCSB

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Kindergarten: Where dreams take off!
Kindergarten registration is now open!

Children who will be 4 years old by December 31 are eligible to start kindergarten in September! Find out what registration forms and documents you will need to register your child. 

Register now for kindergarten


We recognize kindergarten as the place where your child's learning journey begins. Our Kindergarten program provides unique learning opportunities and experiences to help give your child the best possible start. Our rich curriculum, which includes 50% French language instruction, sends your child home each day with something new to tell.  

Young children discover through play-based learning 

Children are full of natural curiosity. They explore the world around them through play. Our Kindergarten program is child-centred and play-based. Our educators structure play-based activities to help our children observe and learn. Our educators observe the social, emotional, physical and intellectual interactions within a classroom setting, while assessing their stages of development. 

We listen and interact with the children while playing, and then respond with questions that challenge and extend learning. Instead of providing a store bought marble run construction toy, a group of children will work on building their own. They will discover on their own how it works by drawing plans or mapping out directions together. Questions like "What do you think will happen?" help to stimulate interest and promote learning in a creative way. 

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Our French program offers the earliest start

All of our kindergarten classes incorporate 50% French language instruction.  This means that children will experience the program equally in French and in English, providing a rich exposure to both of Canada's official languages. And don't worry if you do not speak French at home. Our program is designed for young minds of all languages. Your child will be teaching you French in no time!

More about French at the OCSB

A faith-filled environment nurtures young minds

Learning in a faith-filled environment is a unique and important part of our program. It fosters an early understanding of how we grow and celebrate together. Our youngest learners engage in activities that offer experiences which reinforce the attitudes, feelings and values inherent in Christian living. We nurture faith, and there are many opportunities to gather and participate in celebrations and prayer.

Our children help design our classrooms

The walls in our kindergarten classrooms may be more sparse at the beginning of the year than many parents expect. We do this purposely. Part of each year's journey includes the children getting involved in what goes on the walls. As the year goes by, the classroom gets filled with items chosen by the children themselves. The children also play a key role in deciding how the classroom items are stored and displayed. This empowerment is critical to give the children a sense of ownership for their classroom items, and the choices the children make about their space helps the educator team to know what kind of learners they are.

Our program is based on the Ontario Ministry of Education, Kindergarten Program, 2006. Visit the Ministry of Education website for more information on the Ontario Kindergarten Curriculum.

Watch our educators in action

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ECEs in the classroom

Our educators want the very best for our children and are passionate about education in the primary years.  French and English teachers work together, and in most classes, with Early Childhood Educators, to provide meaningful, developmentally appropriate opportunities for all children to learn in a safe and caring environment.

 cc   Press play, then click the closed caption button to enable subtitles for this video.

Kindergarten tools

Child care programs

There are a variety of child care services offered in our OCSB schools. There are toddler and preschool centres, licensed child care facilities, and several before and after school care programs. Find out what services are offered at your school, and register early. Read about our Early Learning Services.

Planning for transportation

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority (OSTA) provides transportation services for our OCSB students. Find out if your child is eligible for yellow school bus service in Kindergarten. Review OSTA's frequently asked questions to start planning.