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Core French Pathway (7-12)

Core French is offered at each of our Intermediate and Secondary Schools. This page provides an overview of our Core French program. If you require more specific information about learning French at your neighbourhood school, we invite you to contact the school directly. 

Developing proficiency in French

Our Core French pathway allows students to further develop their proficiency in the French language by giving them practical experiences and opportunities to build their confidence, improve comprehension and increase their oral proficiency in Canada’s second official language. Your child will typically enter the Core French program in Grade 7 if they were following the Extended French pathway, or if they no longer choose to continue on the French Immersion pathway.

Core French is mandatory for all students who have not enrolled in French Immersion. Read more about subjects taught in French.

Hours of French instruction per grade

Grade Amount of French instruction
Kindergarten 50% French, 50% English 
Grades 1-3 25% French, 75% English
Grades 4-6 25% French, 75% English
Grades 7-8 1 of 8 subjects in French
Grades 9-12 1 mandatory Grade 9 course in French *

* Although the minimum requirement for graduation is 1 Grade 9 course in French, students are encouraged to continue to take Core French credits in Grades 10-12 to count towards their French Certificate.

Encouraging proficient bilingual communicators

When students graduate high school, they can earn a French Certificate if they have successfully completed the required four Core French credits.

Learn about our approach

 cc   Press play, then click the closed caption button to enable subtitles for this video.

Watch the video, and then read about the French pathway options for your child.

French Immersion Pathway

Extended French Pathway