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Policies and procedures

The Ottawa Catholic School Board’s policies and procedures serve to ensure the health, safety and security of all students and staff. They outline the Board’s operation as an academic institution and employer. Our policies provide a structure to govern student and employee behaviour, Board affairs and governance, and procedures for resolving concerns or complaints. All policies are approved by the Board in public meeting sessions and are updated on a regular basis.

Policy name (in alphabetical order)
Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
Access to School Facilities and Services by Election Candidates
Accessibility Policy
Accessibility Standards for Customer Service
Acquisition and Disposal of Technology Assets
Administering Medication
Admission of International Students Without the Payment of Fees
Admissions (General)
Advertising and Distribution of Materials to Schools
Alternative Arrangements for School Facilities - Education Development Charges
Anaphylaxis: Students with Life-Threatening Allergies
Anaphylaxis: Students with Life-Threatening Allergies: OSTA Transportation Form
Anaphylaxis: Students with Life-Threatening Allergies: Support Document
Animals on School Property
Anonymous Material
Appeal of Student Expulsions (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Appeal of Student Suspensions (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Appeal Procedure - Non-Affiliated Staff
Appraisal Reports
Assault and Fighting (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting
Audit Committee
Board Communications
Board Information
Board Meetings Electronic Participation
Board Membership in Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association
Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Boundary Changes
Building Security: Control Systems
Bullying Prevention and Intervention (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Bullying, Intimidation, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Threats (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)
Capital Projects - Appointment of Consulting and Professional Services: Architects-Engineers
Capital Projects - Approvals: Change Orders - New Schools, Major Additions and Alterations
Capital Projects - Construction Tendering: New Schools, Major Additions and Alterations
Capital Projects - Contract Signing
Capital Projects - Furniture and Equipment Allowance
Capital Projects - Official Acceptance of Construction Projects: New Schools, Additions and Major Alterations
Catholic Curriculum
Catholic Curriculum - Family Life Programs
Catholic Curriculum Development
Catholic Education Centre - Lockdown and Secure Building Protocol
Catholic School Councils
Catholicity of Teaching Personnel (Regular Day School and Occasional Teachers)
Chapels in Catholic Schools
Chaplaincy Leaders
Child Care Centre Occupancy Agreements
Christmas Trees
Classroom Learning Materials
Code of Conduct for Trustees
Communicable Diseases
Communications - Trustees and Administration
Community Planning and Facility Partnerships
Community Resource People in the Classroom
Community Schools
Community Use of School Facilities
Computer and Internet Use
Concussion Recognition, Intervention and Awareness
Continuing and Community Education
Copyright/Curriculum Documents
Criminal Records Checks, Police Checks for the Vulnerable Sector, and Offence Declarations
Death Benefits - Employees
Discipline, Suspension and Dismissal - All Staff
Disposal of Furniture and Equipment
Disposal of Surplus Property and/or Buildings
Distribution of Parent Association Materials Through Schools
Drinking Water Systems
Easements Across Board Property
Education Development Charges By-Law
Educational Assistants
Electronic Communication Access
Electronic Social Media
Emergency Telephone Calls - After Hours
Employee Benefits - General
Employee Workplace Injuries
Employment Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities
Energy Management
Environmental Education
Equity and Inclusive Schools
Exclusion and Appeal of Exclusion
Expenditure of Board Capital Funds
External Agencies
Facility Maintenance: Programs and Requests
Facility Renewal - Schools
Fees for Learning Materials & Activities
Fencing at School Sites
Field Trips and Excursions
Financial Reporting
Financing - Short Term Borrowing and Debenture Issues
First Aid
Fraud Management
Fraud Management: Appendix A, Notification Process
Fraud Management: Appendix B, Contact Information
Freedom of Information
Fundraising by Catholic School Councils
Fundraising in Schools
General Policy (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Graduation Ceremonies in Secondary Schools
Hiring and Terms for Coordinators, Consultants and Central Teaching Positions
Hiring Authority and Reporting
Home Instruction
Home Schooling
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C: Safety Precautions Blood Body Fluids
Incidents Involving Fire (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Incidents Involving Students Towards Staff (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Inclement Weather
Information to Trustees
Inspection of Gymnasia, Playground Equipment, Science and Technology Laboratories, Speciality Rooms, Creative Arts Classrooms and Auditoria
Instructional Supplies, Elementary
Investments - Short Term
Investments - Sinking Fund
Involvement of Community-Based Professionals
Involvement of Community-Based Professionals: Appendix A - Conditions of Access
Job Evaluation and Classification Appeal
Lease/License of Surplus Space
Leave Without Pay - Continuation of Employee Benefits
Loan of Services/Secondment/Exchange
Lockdown Protocol (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Media Relations
Naming/Renaming of Schools and Board Facilities
Network Administration
Non-Affiliated Staff Representation and Consultation
Occupational Health and Safety
Official Name of the Board
Official Opening of New School or Major Addition
Opening or Closing Exercises
Opioid Overdose Response and Naloxone Administration
Ottawa Student Transportation Authority
Parental Access to Children at School
Parental Access to Student Information
Participation at Cursillo or Marriage Encounter Programs
Partnership, Sponsorship and Donations
Partnership, Sponsorship and Donations: Appendix A - Evaluation Form
Partnership, Sponsorship and Donations: Appendix B - Ethical Guidelines Survey
Pediculosis (Head Lice)
Petty Cash Funds
Physical Changes to School Board Facilities
Policy Statements and Board Decisions
Pregnancy and Parental/Adoption Leave - Payment For Employee Benefits
Privacy of Information Technology Resources
Program Materials
Progressive Discipline and Promoting Positive Student Behaviour (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Property Damage or Theft (Technology)
Protection of Privacy, Privacy Support Document
Psychological Reports
Public Consultation
Publication of Consolidated Financial Statements
Pupil Accommodation Review
Pupil Accommodation Review: Appendix A - Elementary School Assessment Questionnaire
Pupil Accommodation Review: Appendix B - Option Elementary School Assessment Questionnaire
Pupil Accommodation Review: Appendix C - Intermediate-Secondary School Assessment Questionnaire
Pupil Accommodation Review: Appendix D - Option Intermediate-Secondary School Assessment Questionnaire
Pupil Accommodation Review: Appendix E - MOE Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines, March 2015
Pupil Accommodation Review: Appendix F - MOE Administrative Review of Accommodation Review Process
Pupil Accommodation: New Catholic Schools/Major Additions and Alterations
Purchasing Cards
Records Management
Recruitment and Selection of Employees
Re-entry for Expelled Students (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Reporting Cases of Suspected Child Abuse
Reporting for Duty during Inclement Weather
Requests for Information from Catholic Parishes
Research Initiated by External Agencies
Respect for the Learning Environment (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Review of Operating Budget for Education Development Charge Purposes
Review of Organizational Structure
Safe Arrivals (Elementary and Secondary)
Safety Patrols
Sale of Food and Beverages
School and Board Parking Facilities: Construction, Monitoring, Authorized Use, Rental
School Day
School Generated Funds
School Site Acquisition
School Site Reservation - Planning Process - Catholic Schools
School Sports Fields and Grounds Care
School Yard Improvement/Play Structure Project
School Year Calendar
Schools - Anniversaries
Secure Schools Protocol (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Self-Identification Policy for Aboriginal Students
Shelter-in-Place (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Signing Officers of the Board
Skating Rinks
Smoking/Vaping on School Board Property
Snow Plowing/Removal and Abrasive Spreading Services on School Board Property
Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)
Staff Performance Appraisals
Standards of Equipment
Student and Visitor Injury Reporting
Student Behaviour: Co-Curricular Events (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Student Dress Code/Formal Dress Code/Uniform (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Student Exchange
Student Expulsions (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Student Illness
Student Injury Prevention
Student Suspensions (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Students Attending Schools Outside Regular School Boundary (Cross-Boundary Transfer Between Schools)
Students Residing Outside the Jurisdiction of the Board (But Within Ontario)
Substance Abuse (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Supervised Alternative Learning (S.A.L.)
Supervision in Schools
Supporting Students with Prevalent Medical Conditions in Schools (Anaphylaxis, Asthma, Diabetes, and/or Epilepsy)
Teacher Designate
Theft and Vandalism
Transfer of Principals and Vice-Principals
Travel, Meals, Hospitality, Meeting and Gifts of Appreciation Expenses
Trespassing/Access to School Property (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Trustee Support Services
Tuberculosis Skin Test
Unauthorized Access to Board Facilities, Schools and Sites
Unauthorized Long-Term Leave - Termination of Employees
Use of Service Animals for Students
User Access to Electronic Communication
Vandalism/Theft/Extortion/Robbery/Gambling (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Video Surveillance
Visiting Students
Visitors to Schools
Voluntary Student Accident Insurance
Weapons (Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools)
Workplace Harassment
Workplace Harassment Support Document
Workplace Violence
Workplace Violence Support Document

Quick reference policies

We’ve listed some of the most commonly referenced policies and procedures here for your convenience.


Educational Programs

Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools

Our Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Schools policies form a comprehensive approach to positive school climate and appropriate behaviour. They include prevention and intervention strategies, and appropriate supports and consequences. We also focus on mental health, good digital citizenship, and keeping our parents informed.

If you are not able to find what you are looking for within the policies listed above, visit our safe schools webpage for more comprehensive information.