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OCSB News from the Boardroom

Board Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month during the regular school year, from September to June, with the exception of December. In December, the Annual General Meeting will be held the first Tuesday and the Regular Board Meeting on the third Tuesday. All meetings are open to the public, and take place in the Boardroom of the Catholic Education Centre (CEC) at 570 West Hunt Club Road in Nepean. After each meeting, our Communications Department produces a blog post summarizing major Board decisions (formerly known as Spotlight).

News from the Boardroom (December 5, 2017): OCSB returns Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson

The Ottawa Catholic School Board has returned Trustee Elaine McMahon as Chairperson for a fourth term, as voted by the Board of Trustees at the OCSB Annual General meeting on Tuesday, December 5, 2017. Elaine McMahon is the Trustee for Zone 6, Knoxdale-Merivale/College, and has served as an OCSB Trustee since 2014. The Board also returned Trustee Joanne MacEwan as Vice-Chairperson for a second term. Joanne MacEwan is the Trustee for Zone 5, Beacon Hill-Cyrville/Innes and has served as an OCSB Trustee since 2012.

The Most Rev. Christian Riesbeck, CC, V.G. presided over a Mass with co-celebrant Board Chaplain Peter Sanders before the Annual General Meeting. The Board of Trustees was joined by the OCSB Executive, as well as many special guests from the OCSB community. Parents and family members of 75 students were also present to enjoy a beautiful and moving performance by the OCSB’s Children’s Choir to commemorate the special annual meeting.

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News from the Boardroom (November 21, 2017): Introducing Milo to students with ASD

The OCSB has acquired two Milo robots to use as learning tools for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Milo is a humanoid, social skills robot with a full range of facial expressions designed to improve social behaviour and communication skills in students on the spectrum. The robot is intended to help students develop the capacity to connect with fellow students and prepare them for social interaction outside the classroom.

Milo involves the use of a curriculum program, Robots4Autism, which integrates a variety of practices shown to improve social skills, packaged together in a systematic way, and delivered using Milo the robot. There are numerous proven benefits of using Milo with children with ASD since they often struggle with the development of social skills. The robot offers lessons in a non-threatening way, helping children overcome the fears or discomfort they often exhibit when attempting to interact with human therapists. With over 26 tiny motors in his face, Milo is able to display the same realistic expression every time he displays a given emotion, making it easier for children to associate a visual experience to an emotion.

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News from the Boardroom (October 24, 2017): Inspiring students to be leaders in Faith

OCSB Faith Mentors come together each Fall to share ideas and resources on how to enhance the Catholic culture in our schools. Every OCSB elementary school has a Faith Mentor who helps animate learning and faith formation in partnership with their school principal. Any school staff member can volunteer for this position. Our Faith Mentors help plan liturgies, masses, prayers and other faith activities throughout the year, helping to strengthen their school’s relationship with their parish. They collaborate on how to best serve our students and families through creating ministry initiatives with students such as altar serving, music ministry, and Catholic social teaching projects. The Good News speaks to the lives of all children, and our school communities are thriving thanks in part to the good will that our Faith Mentors promote.

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News from the Boardroom (October 10, 2017): Fostering digital citizenship

The Ottawa Catholic School Board is committed to teaching the responsible use of technology to students. The Samaritans on the Digital Road resource was created five years ago, and has recently undergone a review to refresh the content. It continues to serve as an excellent resource for teachers to promote the Board’s priorities and ensure students become responsible digital citizens. In addition to updating the lessons, the resource now includes more information for school leaders regarding the process for implementing the lessons, and expanded information for parents. The additional information provided to schools enables Board staff to ensure that the lessons are being delivered with direct links to the grade appropriate Religion curriculum.

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News From the Boardroom (September 26, 2017): Professional development opportunities for OCSB staff

During two weeks this past August, over 31 professional development sessions were led by OCSB staff members. More than 700 staff members throughout the district participated in this year’s program. All sessions were directly linked to one or more of the Deep Learning elements, and participants learned tangible skills related to their jobs. “The impact of these sessions has influenced my professional growth and helped me take risks in the classroom,” said Jackie Mason, Teacher at St. Emily School and session participant. The September 26, 2017 Board meeting also offered a preview into the upcoming 2017-2018 Leading and Learning Leading and Learning Journey. This program has been coordinated by OCSB volunteers for the past 20 years, and has been provincially recognized for its success in offering staff, including non-teaching staff, with professional development and personal growth opportunities.

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News From the Boardroom (September 12, 2017): Swearing-in of two new Student Trustees

Two new Student Trustees for the Ottawa Catholic School Board were invested at the first Board meeting of the year on September 12. Sam Henriques of St. Peter High School and Grace Evans of St. Mark High School were elected by their peers for a one-year term to represent the student voice of over 40,000 OCSB students at the Boardroom table. The Board looks forward to their perspective and insight on how the Board can best meet the needs of students.

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