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High School Course Selection Guide

The Ottawa Catholic School Board offers our high school students a wide range of courses each year. As learners who will graduate to enter a diverse, globalized workforce, our course offerings are designed to equip each student with the relevant skills and knowledge to pursue their dreams with great confidence.

Our High School Course Selection Guide will help you plan your pathway from Grade 9 to 12. Whether students plan to attend university or college, enter the workforce, or serve as a trade apprentice upon graduation, this guide helps students keep track of what is required to reach the ultimate goal — student success! It’s our number one priority.

Choosing courses and pathways with myBlueprint

Making decisions about high school pathways involves careful consideration. Students need to review their course options and consider their abilities, needs and aspirations. However, throughout adolescence, most students only have a vague understanding of their interests and the opportunities available to them. The myBlueprint Education Planner can help with this process.

All of the course offerings at the OCSB are connected to the myBlueprint Education Planner. Students are required to use this online tool to make their course selections. By assigning specific tasks to complete at each grade level, the tool takes a step-by-step approach to helping students reflect upon their skills, explore their interests, and set their goals. Students should use it often to explore the options available to them at each stage of their educational journey.

Create a parent account to explore myBlueprint

Parents are welcome to create an account to explore the features of myBlueprint. Once you login, you can review the tool’s features, and can even link to your child’s account to view their planning progress.

A Parent’s Guide

Changing grades is an exciting adventure for students, especially when entering high school. They’re growing up, but you still have a role in your child’s education.

Our Parent’s Guide to High School helps you prepare your child for the transition to grade 9. It outlines some of the most commonly questioned topics for both parents and students, such as:


  • attendance and leaving school property
  • how to earn credits and french certification
  • diploma requirements and final grades
  • community involvement requirements
  • help with selecting courses
  • exploring different program opportunities
  • supports available to students

Also available in the following languages: French, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog, and Arabic.