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Seeking members for the 2018-2022 Municipal Elections Compliance Audit Committee

The OCSB is currently seeking candidates for appointment to the 2018-2022 Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee. The Committee is a statutory body established in accordance with Section 88.37 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 (the “MEA”).

The 2018-2022 Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee will:

  • consider applications for compliance audits of municipal election campaign finances for candidates or third party advertisers resulting from the regular municipal election or any by-election held during the term of office for the Council and school boards for which the Committee was appointed
  • appoint an auditor, if the Committee decides to grant a compliance audit
  • review the auditor’s report, and:
    • if the report concludes that the candidate appears to have contravened the MEA, decide whether legal proceedings should be commenced against the candidate; or
    • if the report finds that the candidate does not appear to have contravened the MEA, make a finding as to whether there were reasonable grounds for the application.

There are statutory deadlines attached to the Committee’s work, and there will be mandatory training on procedures provided to all Committee members. Members will also be appointed to serve on the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board’s (OCDSB) Election Compliance Audit Committee. Successful applicants would be expected to serve both organizations.


Membership, eligibility, and qualifications

The Election Compliance Audit Committee will be comprised of five members and one alternate member.

  • applicants must have a thorough understanding of the municipal campaign finance rules under the Municipal Elections Act, 1996
  • ideal candidates include former municipal clerks or Elections Office managers, auditors, accountants, lawyers, or other individuals with knowledge of the campaign financing rules of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, or its provincial or federal counterparts
  • training will be provided, however, previous experience on committees or tribunals is valuable

The following are not eligible to sit on the Election Compliance Audit Committee:

  • employees or officers of the City of Ottawa, the OCSB or OCDSB
  • members of Council or members of the OCSB or OCDSB
  • candidates of the municipal election for which the Committee is established
  • any persons who are registered third parties in the City of Ottawa

Individuals appointed to the Committee must not have audited or prepared financial statements or have any other formal relationship with any candidate running for office during the October 22, 2018 municipal election, including those candidates for the office of school board trustee. The term of office begins on October 1st, 2018 and ends on September 30th, 2022.

How to apply

Applications, accompanied by a letter of interest and a current resume, must be received by June 1, 2018, at 4:00 pm. Applications must be submitted using the online application form.

Contact Us

Phone: 613-596-8211 x 8381

Selection process and renumeration

All applications will be reviewed. Selected candidates may be invited for an interview. The interview panel will include representatives from both the OCSB and the OCDSB. Members will receive an annual retainer of $600. Additionally, Committee members will receive $175 an hour for meetings, to a maximum of $1,250 per day.