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Long Term Occasional (LTO) List application process

At specific times each year, OECTA teachers on our Occasional Teaching Roster are invited to apply for placement on our Long Term Occasional (LTO) List. As identified in Regulations 274/12 and 148/13, you must have been on the Occasional Teaching Roster for at least 10 teaching months, and have taught as an occasional teacher in one or more of our schools for at least 20 full teaching days (or equivalent) during the 10 teaching month period that is within the five years preceding the day the application is submitted.

Pursuant to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, (AODA) if you require accommodations at any time throughout the application process, please email Denis Charette, Manager of Human Resources at so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Two-part application process: Online and paper

In addition to your online application, the following information must be submitted on paper and be received before the deadline in order to be considered for an interview.

  • copy of current resume
  • copy of current Ontario Teaching Certificate (from OCT website)
  • current Pastoral Letter from your Roman Catholic Parish Priest (original only, no older than one year from the date of your LTO List application) OR a completed Pastoral Reference Form which must indicate that the candidate is a practicing Catholic and a member of the parish (original only, copies are not acceptable, no older than one year from the date of your LTO List application)
  • list of all teaching assignments including dates, FTE and locations which clearly demonstrates that you have worked at least 20 full days (or equivalent) in any 10 month period that is within the last five years. You can obtain this information from your IMENU by copying and pasting, a detailed list of your time-sheets, into an excel document or a google doc to be submitted as part of your paper application package. If you are doing or have completed an LTO, a copy of the letter that was emailed to you confirming your LTO will suffice.

You are also required to approach two school principals and/or vice principals that you have worked over the past 12 months at the Ottawa Catholic School Board (LTO assignments and/or day-to-day supply work is acceptable) and request that they complete the Principal Recommendation Form. The principal and/or vice-principal is responsible for completing and submitting the original, signed recommendation form (emails and photocopies are not acceptable) via internal Board mail to the Manager of Human Resources. Recommendation form(s) will not be returned to the applicant.

The LTO List application process is now closed. Applications are no longer being accepted. The next round of interviews will open on March 1, 2019.

In order to be considered for an interview, you must complete the online application then submit all paper documents by the specified deadline in a sealed envelope addressed to:

Denis Charette
Manager of Human Resources
Ottawa Catholic School Board

570 West Hunt Club Road
Nepean, ON K2G 3R4

Please note that NO COPIES WILL BE MADE FROM YOUR EMPLOYEE FILE. All documents except the 2 recommendation forms, must be submitted by the teacher. Recommendation forms are to be completed and submitted by OCSB Principals and/or Vice-Principals and sent directly to HR to be included in your file. Late applications will not be accepted.

In accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the personal information provided is collected in the Education Act and will be used to determine eligibility for employment.