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Online Guide to High School Courses 2018-2019

Our guide to selecting high school courses is now online! These mobile-friendly resources will help students and parents plan the path to graduation. Whether students plan to attend university or college, enter the workforce, or serve as a trade apprentice upon graduation, this guide helps students keep track of what is required to help them be creative, collaborative, and confident citizens as they journey through their high school years.

How to use this online guide

Making decisions about high school courses involves careful consideration. Students need to review their course options and consider their abilities, needs and aspirations.  This webpage lists everything students and parents need to make informed decisions about the future. Become comfortable with the graduation requirements, review our Parent’s Guide to High School and take the time to explore specialized pathways, such as co-op and e-learning. We also have special programs available to help make the journey through high school as successful as possible.

  • Step 1: Explore the resources and programs detailed on this webpage.
  • Step 2: Use our Course Descriptions Guide to review pathways and prerequisites.
  • Step 3: Make your official selections online using myBlueprint.

Tools to help design the future

What students discover about themselves in high school can be just as important as what they learn about the outside world. Our high schools offer a wealth of academic opportunities in a welcoming and supportive environment. All of our schools offer a variety of programs, sports, arts, clubs and activities to encourage our students to grow and thrive. Use these tools to help explore the possibilities before selecting courses.

Your course selection resources
Graduation requirements (diplomas and certificates)
Understanding types of courses and credits
Community involvement (community service hours)
Assessment, evaluation and reporting (report cards, testing, transcripts)
Special education (FAQs for transitioning into high school)
ESL and English Literacy Development (ELD)
French pathway options (Immersion or Core French)
Religious education in high school (chaplaincy, grad expectations)
Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations (CGE)
Credit recovery opportunities (achievement centres, SAL and PLAR)
St. Nicholas Adult High School | Continuing Education | Summer school

Specialized pathways towards graduation

OCSB students have access to specialized programs that offer unique opportunities and focus on a variety of interests. Each specialized program has specific requirements as well as unique admission criteria. Explore the possibilities below before making your course selections.

Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM)

Course clusters focused on a specific economic sector.

Cooperative Education

Earn credits towards a diploma while working for a local business.

Focus Programs

Packages of courses which concentrate on a particular field of interest or training.

OYAP Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship opportunities to explore the skilled trades.

Dual Credit Program

Credits counted towards graduation and a college diploma or apprenticeship certification.


Online courses with more independence and flexibility.

2018 high school program nights (Grades 7-12)

Our high school program nights offer everyone a great chance to learn about our high schools, and the courses and programs they offer. Our welcoming school staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Moving into Grade 9?

Changing grades is an exciting adventure for students, especially when entering high school. They’re growing up, but you still have a role in your child’s education. Our Parent’s Guide to High School guide covers the essentials of how high school operates. It outlines what is different in grades 7 & 8, how to keep connected online and in school, and how to be involved in both school events and the bigger picture. Our guide also covers some of the most commonly questioned topics for both parents and students, such as attendance and leaving school property, how to earn credits and French certification, and help with selecting courses.

Also available in the following languages: French | Mandarin | Spanish | Tagalog | Arabic

Did you know?

Parents assume course selection responsibility
Parents/guardians have the right of selection of courses for their children. When parents sign the Student Course Contract, they assume full responsibility for the choices they have selected. A student who is 18 years of age or older may select courses without parental/guardian approval or a 16/17 year old who has withdrawn from parental control. The school has the responsibility to communicate clearly and fully the Ministry diploma requirements and school expectations and standards.
School transfers may affect athletic program eligibility
School transfers may affect a student’s eligibility to participate in a specific sport. Consult your school’s Physical Education Department Head under the direction of the principal for information about the National Capital Secondary School Athletic Association and Ontario Federation of School Athletic Association eligibility policy for sports. Information regarding transfer policies can also be found at and
Courses are developed according to guidelines
The courses offered by the OCSB have been developed according to the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education. All curriculum documents and course profiles are available at each high school and available online at the Ministry of Education website: Locally developed courses are found at

It’s all done in!

Selecting courses using myBlueprint

All of the course offerings at the OCSB are connected to the mobile-friendly myBlueprint Education Planner. All of the course descriptions for courses offered at your school are available once logged in to your myBlueprint account. 

Students are required to use this online tool to make their course selections. By assigning specific tasks to complete at each grade level, the tool takes a step-by-step approach to helping students reflect upon their skills, explore their interests, and set their goals. Students should use it often to explore the options available to them at each stage of their educational journey.

So log in and get started designing your future!

More than just course selection

Create a parent account

Parents are welcome to create an account to explore the features of myBlueprint. Once you login, you can review the tool’s features, and can even link to your child’s account to view their planning progress.

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