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French at the OCSB

Among the seemingly endless number of decisions parents must make during their child’s education, one of them involves choosing the right French pathway. It can be a complicated decision which is reviewed several times throughout a child’s educational journey — from choosing the right school to deciding which French courses to take in high school.

When it comes to learning French, we aim to equip our students with the ability to communicate beyond our classrooms. Whether in the context of travel, leisure, post-secondary education, part-time, or professional work environments, we share the Ministry of Education’s vision to enable our students to have the confidence and ability to use French effectively in their daily lives.

Understanding the French pathways

All of our OCSB schools offer the same French pathways. Explore the infographic below for a more visual understanding of your options. Then, read more about the pathways by clicking below.


Learn about our approach to French

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Five strengths of our French program

  1. All of our schools have the same French pathway options for all students, so there is no need to ever transfer schools.
  2. French teachers are highly qualified and genuinely invested in giving students tools and strategies needed to learn in French.
  3. The French pathways allow students to develop a love of French, while giving them time to develop strong English literacy and numeracy skills.
  4. Blended learning (grouping Core and French Immersion students together) improves student engagement and collaboration.
  5. All pathways lead to success, and every student is recognized for their French language proficiency, opening doors to new opportunities.