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Discover Grades 7-12 at the OCSB

What students discover about themselves in high school can be just as important as what they learn about the outside world. Our intermediate and high schools offer a wealth of academic opportunities in a welcoming and supportive environment. All of our schools offer a variety of sports, arts, clubs and activities to encourage our students to grow and thrive. Students can also become active in social justice and humanitarian projects to foster self-expression and build leadership skills.

Academic opportunities help students discover their strengths

Conquering the curriculum may be the goal, but that's only part of what the journey through high school is all about. The high school journey helps students discover their strengths and weaknesses, or their likes and dislikes.  We make sure that the curriculum is relevant to each student's world, so that they can discover their potential and start planning for the future. Our wide variety of program options offer different program paths to meet the needs of our diverse learners. 

Program Nights are scheduled for all schools

Program Nights offer everyone a great chance to learn about our high schools, and the courses and programs they offer. Our welcoming school staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have. If you are unable to attend a certain program night, call the school and book an appointment with a school administrator to have your questions answered.

Visit each school's profile page to learn more, and to find out when their Program Night is. 

All Saints High School St. Joseph High School
Frank Ryan Catholic Intermediate School St. Mark High School
Holy Trinity Catholic High School St. Matthew High School
Immaculata High School St. Patrick's High School
Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School St. Patrick's Intermediate School
Mother Teresa High School St. Paul High School
Notre Dame Catholic High School St. Peter High School
Sacred Heart High School St. Pius X High School
St. Francis Xavier High School  

High school program options

Browse our high school program options which help our students on their journey of discovery.

Co-operative Education
Students earn credits towards their high school diploma while working for a local business.

Specialist High Skills Majors
Course clusters focused on a a specific economic sector, giving students skills and knowledge linked to their post-secondary goals.

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)
Apprenticeship opportunities for students who wish to explore the skilled trades. 

Focus Programs
Packages of courses which concentrate on a particular field of interest or training.

Dual Credit Program
Credits which count towards both a student's high school diploma and a college diploma or apprenticeship certification.

Online courses to help build independence for those who need more flexibility in their timetable.

Summer school
Reach ahead, or catch up!

View detailed information on these programs, and much more! 

High School Course Guide