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Building Bridges – Preschool to Kindergarten

Understanding the value of the early years and a smooth transition from preschool to school, the Ottawa Catholic School Board has developed the Building Bridges initiative. The goal of the initiative is to facilitate the transition process for the child by increasing communication between the parents, child care program staff and the school. Given the research regarding the importance of the early years (0-6) and the emphasis on good transitions, a bridge with the Early Childhood Education community is essential.


Recognizing that a large number of children are enrolled in school following an experience in a formal group care setting, parents with a child registered for Junior Kindergarten are provided with a Preschool Profile form. This form is provided at the beginning of June to allow Nursery School programs the opportunity to complete them. However, parents of children who attend a child care program (year-round) may choose to have them completed closer to the end of the summer. The form can is to be completed upon request from a parent and must be returned by the parent to the school on or before the first day of school.

Preschool Profile Form

Have your licensed group or home child care provider complete Preschool Profile form below and return it to you directly. The form is to be completed by licensed child care providers only. Then, mail the form to your child’s new school, or give it directly to your child’s new kindergarten teacher on the first day of school.

If your child is not in licensed child care, please disregard this process, and DO NOT complete a Preschool Profile Form.