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Broader Public Sector accountability resources

The Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) is proud to provide the public with information about how we run our publicly funded organization through our Broader Public Sector (BPS) accountability resources. As a BPS organization, we are required to publish online business plans and other business or financial documents. This supports the Government of Ontario’s mandate for openness and transparency. The Government of Ontario’s Management Board of Cabinet has issued this directive under the authority of the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010 (Part V.1 – Business Plans). This directive requires us to publish our business plans and financial documents on one webpage for easy reference.


Moving forward with our strategic commitments

Our mission is to provide all our students with a well-rounded education for the mind, body and spirit through an emphasis on academic excellence, social responsibility and Catholic values. To support this mission, we have adopted Strategic Commitments to guide our school community through the years 2018 to 2021. Our goal is for each commitment to resonate with our students, parents, and staff. By focusing our work on these three areas, we can continue to address strengths and needs in a faith-filled environment, ensuring safe, caring and inclusive schools, dedication to equity and well-being, as well as continued focus on excellence and Deep Learning.

Our Strategic Plan provides a vision for the Board by establishing strategic direction, with an emphasis on student achievement. Operational plans, such as the Board Innovation Plan (BIP) flow out of the Strategic Plan. The BIP is updated and reviewed by the Board of Trustees each year, and will be available on this webpage in late November 2018. Both our Strategic Plan and BIP outline our priorities and goals for performance measures, evidence gathering methods and targets for improvement.

Director’s Annual Report

Sharing our balanced operating budget

The budget for the OCSB’s 2018-2019 fiscal year was approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees at its meeting of June 12, 2018.

Our 2018-2019 Budget Summary presents the Board’s financial and operations plan, and all necessary disclosures. Audited financial statements are designed to provide assurance that financial transactions are properly authorized and recorded in compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements. View the 2018 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements. View the Public Record Disclosure of Employee Salaries and Benefits, and additional resources on our Finance Department webpage.

Approved Executive Compensation Program

In 2014, the Government of Ontario began the process of developing public sector compensation frameworks to ensure a transparent and consistent approach to executive compensation. This applies to all Ontario public sector designated employers, such as universities, colleges, hospitals and school boards, including the OCSB.

In the education sector, a competitive, fair, and responsible Executive Compensation Program is vital for attracting and retaining the talented, innovative leadership required to ensure continued progress and success in advancing student achievement for all. The OCSB’s approved Executive Compensation Program balances the need to manage compensation costs and the need to attract and retain the executive talent we seek.

In consultation with the Government of Ontario, the OCSB developed its proposed Executive Compensation Program which met the requirements of the Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Act. As part of the Government Regulations, all Ontario broader public sector organizations conducted a 30-day public consultation which invited the public to provide feedback on the proposed program. The Executive Compensation Program has been approved by the Board of Trustees and the Ministry of Education and is now available for viewing. View the Executive Compensation Program.