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St. Peter shows solidarity with local mosque

A poster with messages from the St. Peter school community.

When members of our community are hurting, our faith calls for us to offer love and support. So, in the wake of the tragic shooting at a Quebec City mosque, the St. Peter High School community reached out to a local mosque to show them that the staff and students cared.

After speaking with Imam Mohammed Badat of Masjid Balil mosque, teachers Scott Searle and Linda Roe decided to show sympathy and compassion by making cards and posters for the members of the mosque. Linda brought the idea to her leadership class, and they leapt at the opportunity. People in their community were grieving, and the students wanted to help. The class got together after school and began making posters and writing kind messages. Word spread quickly, and, pretty soon, the whole school was taking part. The leadership class put their big poster in the chapel for other students to sign, and other classes took time to make their own cards and messages of support. The whole school came together to offer some love and kindness to those who needed it most.

Needless to say, the members of the mosque were touched by the heartwarming gesture. They invited the leadership class to visit the mosque to see their cards and posters on display, and to see the positive impact they were having. Imam Badat even told the students that he could use their kind and inspiring messages as inspiration for his weekly prayers for the rest of the year. The mosque even made cards of their own for the students, and presented the school with a commemorative plaque to show their gratitude.

"Our students were happy that they could do something to reach out to their friends and help them feel a little bit better, knowing that we all stand together as one human family."

Linda Roe

The entire St. Peter community has done a wonderful job of demonstrating the Catholic Graduate Expectations by spreading love, kindness, and compassion in their community. The OCSB family is extremely proud of St. Peter for going above and beyond to make a loving difference in their community. Take a look at some of the cards and posters in our Facebook album.

"All of us are proud to work in a faith-based environment that shows such love and solidarity with people of different religious backgrounds."

Scott Searle
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Vive Les Arts (Appreciation Event)

Kristen Charles and Katie Lewis-Prieur holding their portrait drawn by a caricaturist.

Ottawa Catholic School Board staff gathered together on May 30th to celebrate an arts appreciation event. The theme was Springtime in Paris, Vive Les Arts!

The event was held from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. at the Catholic Education Centre and was organized by Katie Lewis-Prieur and Kristen Charles, Creative Arts Consultants at the OCSB. The main focus of the event was to celebrate and honour the hard work and countless volunteer hours of teachers within the board who support the arts.

The evening included remarks from Elaine McMahon, OCSB Chair and Denise Andre, OCSB Director of Education. Along with Jazz music provided by Pierre Monfils, former teacher at St. Peter high school and Neil Bateman, teacher at Holy Trinity high school. The evening also included specially designed t-shirts by teacher Fadi El-Saikali, and a caricaturist drawing portraits of staff.

All in all, a wonderful evening dedicated to the hardworking and motivating art educators at the OCSB.

Congratulations to award recipients:

Susan Davis Award

  • Thomas Pakenham - St. Peter High School

Sharon Hiscott Award

  • Helen Featherston - St. John Paul II Elementary School
Specially designed t-shirts by Fadi El-Saikali
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Best Buddies Chapter Award

Best Buddies at St. Patrick High School
Best Buddies at St. Peter High School

Students and staff at St. Peter High School and St. Patrick High School were recognized for their achievement as exceptional Best Buddies chapters on March 31st. Best Buddies Canada is a national charity that helps to foster friendships between individuals with special needs with student volunteers in over 450 universities, colleges, high schools, and elementary schools across the country. 

Through Best Buddies, students with special needs are given the opportunities to enjoy the same experiences many of us take for granted- such as going to the mall, watching a movie, or simply enjoying the company of a friend. Best Buddies Canada has selected St. Peter High School and St. Patrick's High School as two of the Top 20 Best Buddies schools in the country. Selections were based on important factors, such as demonstrating commitment to inclusion and going beyond expectations of running the Best Buddies program. 

Principal Norma McDonald, Principal Brid McDonald and the entire Best Buddies Chapter teams at these two schools exceeded these criteria. "I hope our chapters will see how St. Peter High School and St. Patrick's High School have involved Best Buddies into their school" says Steven Pinnock, executive director of Best Buddies Canada. "Out of 450 schools, these two schools fall in the Top 20 in the country. It really shows that students and staff in these chapters are committed to promoting inclusion and friendship."

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