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OYAP graduation requirements

The OYAP Apprentice is now actively responsible for their career pathway in the trade. They are required to do the following upon graduation from high school:

  • Send MAESD (local office) a copy of their high school diploma. Their status in the Employment Ontario Information System Apprenticeship database will now change from “OYAP Apprentice” to “Apprentice”.
  • Notify MAESD (local office) if their registered training agreement (initiated during their high school co-op placement) ends. If not, the Apprentice will receive a notice to pay the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) membership fee on their annual anniversary registration date (this fee is only exempted for OYAP Apprentices in high school). (*Note: When the Apprentice calls the local MAESD office to indicate that they are no longer working with their co-op sponsor – their “participation in the trade” will not be cancelled – only their training agreement program status with previous sponsor during their co-op placement. It is important to note as well that access to (i.e. Level 1) in-school programs in the trade are based on an active program status – the Apprentice having an active sponsor – employment/training agreement in place).
  • Call MAESD (local office) if Apprentice finds a new sponsor (licensed journeyperson or equivalent in trade) in workplace to continue their training (new employment opportunity). An Employment Training Consultant (ETC) from MAESD will contact the new sponsor to organize a new training agreement, etc.

In order for the Apprentice to maintain their membership with OCOT, they must continue to pay their annual membership fees. Annually, on the anniversary date of their OCOT membership, the Apprentice will receive by mail the statement of membership standing and a membership card (active date period: one year).

  • Note: Contact the OCOT: to learn more (membership fees, etc).
  • OCOT annual membership fee for Apprentice: $60.00
  • Important: If an apprentice does not renew their membership in the designated time period as outlined by OCOT, their membership will be suspended, and their active training agreement with their sponsor will be cancelled. (In other words, apprentices in compulsory trades will lose their ability to work – as enforced by OCOT and the Ministry of Labour).

For more details, see the OYAP brochure: A Guide for Graduating OYAP Apprentices – Apprenticeship Continuation for Registered OYAP Apprentices Beyond High School.

Options after high school graduation

A student who has successfully completed 30 high school credits (including the compulsory credits) will be awarded the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. The OYAP student can then take one of the following pathways:

  • end the OYAP Participant / OYAP Apprentice experience and find work in another sector (Note: important steps OYAP Apprentice must take listed above)
  • end the OYAP Participant experience, but continue to work in the trade sector as an assistant or unskilled worker
  • continue from OYAP Apprentice experience into full-time apprenticeship with sponsor (RTA remains active). The apprentice will complete the remainder of the on-the-job training and in-school training courses at an approved training centre, as outlined in their contract/training agreement. The employer agrees to release the apprentice for the 2-3 periods of in-school training at an approved training centre, during which time the apprentice may apply for Employment Insurance. At the end of the 2-5 year training program, apprentices may apply to write the certification exam. If they receive 70% on the exam, they will receive their “ticket” and become a qualified journeyperson
  • OYAP Apprentice sponsor does not want to extend training agreement into continued employment/training after graduation. OYAP Apprentice follows important steps listed above (i.e. notifying local MAESD office that RTA no longer active). The Apprentice networks in their community (see *Resources and Links tab) and finds a new sponsor (licensed journeyperson in trade) to continue their training. The Apprentice calls the local MAESD office to update new employment/training program opportunities which follow in their trade pathway career
  • enrol in an accredited community college modified apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship training program. At the end of this college program, the apprentice finds an employer with whom he can earn a wage while completing the remainder of the apprenticeship
  • enrol at a university to pursue other options. The apprentice’s Training Standards manual should be retained by the student in the event he/she returns to the apprenticeship at a later date

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